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Mathematical Reasoning
Law and Goverment
Complex Problem Solving
Active Listening
Perceptual Speed
Number Facility
Inductive And Deductive Reasoning
Information Ordering


You have a goal in mind, and that goal is to become a Certified Public Accountant. That’s where our Master of Professional Accounting degree program comes in. The program is specifically designed to prepare students like you to become a CPA.

CPAs are driven, highly motivated professionals who either work on their own or help entire organizations to run more efficiently and successfully. They stay on top of changes to financial laws and regulations. They reduce costs and improve profits for their clients. They’re a large part of what defines financial success today, and we can prepare you to join that field.

Our program is designed to prepare you to become an effective leader in public accounting. If this is the path forward for you, and you are ready to chart your future helping corporations and individuals make the best financial decisions possible, get in touch and let us help you get started today.

The Master of Professional Accounting (MPAcc) degree is designed to meet the educational requirements for students interested in working as professional accountants and support students looking to meet the educational requirements of the Certified Public Accountants’ examination. Through an emphasis on leadership, teamwork, planning, and communication skills, the MPAcc program prepares students for leadership roles in public accounting, corporations, government agencies, and other career fields. This 30 credit hour program includes 24 credits of required coursework and 6 credits of elective coursework to help students design a program that meets their specific needs. Students in this program are not required to fulfill the Specialization requirement included in other majors.

Degree Optimization

CSU-Global offers Awards of Completion and Skills Endorsements to help you spotlight the knowledge, skills, and abilities that hiringmanagers find essential to success in the field. Visit to learn more.

In the Master of Professional Accounting program, you will earn the following Awards of Completion, documenting your mastery of these subjects:

Advanced Accounting and Auditing
Applied 21st Century Accounting


Expected related job openings due to growth, replacement, and retirement between 2012-2022